Hey guys, so today is a bitter sweet day for me. I just got a new job, so running two blogs, one here and one on www.pine-sports.com is a little too much for a now employed kid. I will be moving there full time today and for the foreseeable future. Pine Sports offers great visualize and graphics to add extra context to my picks. So if you want to come on over and check it out. My username there is FearTheJOD. Might be changing that in the future, but that is who to look for.

As always follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/j_odowda

Good luck and happy betting

Will miss this place


Little fast one for the day as I have other commitments today. Find me on www.pine-sports.com as I am using more data and visualization charts.

3–1 day as I added in the NOP vs BKN OVER last minute, if you follow me on twitter you would’ve seen this pick, so follow me there @j_odowda. That nice day is bringing the season record to 197–174.

Now onto the picks.

DAL -1.5

Giannis is doubtful for tonight’s game and I am assuming he is out for the game. …

Zion Williamson Dunking

Yesterday, I was asked what the smartest way to parlay is, or if I parlay my picks together to get better odds. That is when I realized, a ton of people who bet on sports try to win big by making huge parlays, and everyone loves to get a parlay hit, but the odds of a 4–10 team parlay hitting are quite slim. 3–1 is a great betting day, but if you went 3–1 in a parlay you still lost all of your money.

So, that made me think, what is the best way to parlay, and I think I…

Scatter Plot of the Memphis Grizzlies of ATS wins this season

Some exciting news coming today, I have teamed up with Pine Sports, a website that makes visualizing data much easier for people like me. Now, I’m not the smartest person in the world, so at first glance, this website was kinda complicated, but after using their help tools, I was able to figure out how to make pretty graphs to visualize my picks.

Pine Sports is dedicated to giving you cutting-edge easy-to-use analytics and AI tools, and letting you share your insights with the world. Pine has two main sections: Stories, and Explore. “Stories” aggregates all of the amazing sports…

Alright, I know we are only in April, and more than a month away from the NBA seasons end. BUT, some teams really have to start think of a playoff push, or if they aren’t even going to try for it this season. Perfect example is the OKC Thunder, who are only 2 games out of a spot in the play-in tournament, but decided to say “fuck it” to their season and rest Al Horford for the rest of it to let their young guys play to see what they got. …

Anyone see that new Space Jam Trailer? It looks cool, but nothing will ever be better than the first one with MJ and company. The Monstars are different, the design of some of the characters is different, and everyone is wondering if Bill Murray is gonna make another appearance. I hope he does because that would be the best cameo ever.

We went 4–1 yesterday, with the Bucks not being able to hold onto a double digit lead with less than 3 minutes left in the game. Bad beat there, but hey I’ll take a 4–1 day everyday. …

I mean look at that box score. The Raptors wiped the floor with the Warriors yesterday. Even without Steph Curry, I did not expect this game to got his way, it was embarrassing. I saw a tweet, where if you took away the Raptors 1st and 4th quarters, they still would’ve bet the Warriors by 4. Stupid. I had the over in this game and the only hope I ever had was Toronto scoring 150 points, which honestly might have happened.

I went 2–3 yesterday, bringing the season record to 184–165.

Now onto the picks.

DAL -6.5

The Wizards will…

The Charlotte Hornets are dead without LaMelo Ball. Yesterday was just an embarrassing game of basketball from them, they shot 34 percent from the field and 34 percent from 3. They couldn’t score over 90 points against the Nets, who aren’t the best defensive squad in the world and since LaMelo went down with injury they are 4–2 but 2 of those wins came against the Rockets and Wizards, so those don’t count in my books. They could barely beat the Spurs and then got their ass handed to them from the Nets. …

Well, everyone, I’m not the brightest person in the world, and while I was doing my Month in Review check, I realized something. Math is Hard. I accidentally added my 1–6 day twice, so the losses doubled and I never double checked. So, the true record for this month is 51–48 after a perfect 4–0 day yesterday. We ended BFF with a record of 129–113, and after March, we have a season record of 180–161, not nearly as bad as 180–167, which I thought it was going to be.

The worst day of the month, was March 24th, the infamous…

March is really trying to make me forget about the entire month with a nice little 3–0 day yesterday. 176–167 on the season. Lets just get this month over with.

Now onto the picks.

DAL +1

Boston is a weird team. They traded Daniel Theis, so they don’t have any interior defence. Robert Williams will try his best against PorzingGod and Luka, but he will fail.

My model has Dallas -3 covering the +1 spread 73 percent of the time.

OKC +8

Toronto is bad. OKC is running like a team who does not care. They are young and just…

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